Carers Allowance

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Hello all.Im a newbie to the forum and hope someone can answer a question for me.My husbands brother died 4 weeks ago and he was his carer.My grandaughter is going to take over the roll as his carer that's when works and pensions decide to ring back and speak to her.I don't know why they do but they do.Maybe it's because she is at college for 16 hours a week.Anyway my question is my daughter gets carers allowance for looking after me if my grandaughter is refused CA to look after her grandad will I be able to claim it ?
Hi Barbara, it depends on a variety of things. Click on the red "Help and Advice" tab at the top of this page and you'll find a lot of information. Maybe this would be a good time to ask Social Services for an updated Needs Assessment for your husband and a Carers Assessment for you? Then you can talk to someone about what help is available to you. Under some circumstances, your husband might be entitled to "Direct Payments" which might be used to pay you.
Thank you for your reply