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money problem for carers

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hi i dont usually join these things and i manage myself but i have come to the end . after years of caring for my disabled husband (now gone) i now care for my mentally disabled son 17, i cant manage on the £81 a week i get i dont know how to go on. is there any help out there? i get income support 31 and carers allowence 50 im sorry to broach such a delicate subject as im new here but i really cant see how to go on, any advice please.Image
Hi ruthy and welcome to the forum, if you give the Carers UK advice line a call, they can give you advice and help with these questions. Hang in there, many people on here in the same boat. Feel free to have a good rant, we all do from time to time.
Hi and welcome Ruthy, give the CUK helpline a ring.
Hi Ruthy and welcome.
hi ruth stay strong it is hard and you will find loads here in the same boat..
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
Hello Ruthy and welcome to the Forum. Yes, it's a joke the amount that 'they' expect carers to live on - hope that Carers Uk will be able to help you x
Hello and welcome Image
thank you for your replys ,ive reached rock bottom and i think i wanted someone to say i should be entitled to something more ! thanks anyway.
I think you need a reassessment Ruth. That is a ridiculous amount to manage on.
As your son is under 18, I guess he couldn't get AA Attendance Allowance? I'm not very up on these things I'm afraid, but I do know we got a lot of help I didn't know was available, when I had to pack up work to look after my wife.
We are pensioners mind and we do get our state pensions and a bit of my private pension. Also AA is paid to Jill my wife and we get a bit of PC Pension Credit.
There are others on here that know so much more about these things.

Ring the Carers UK help line. They will definately be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks for joining us all