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Mental health care home? - Carers UK Forum

Mental health care home?

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
How do people go into mental health care homes or personality disorder units?
I'm asking in regards to my wife who has dissociative identity disorder and emotionally unstable personality disorder.
She's not coping at home and other personalities have become a risk to our children and social services are concerned.
She's been given a care package with £8000 towards respite is that enough for her to get care in a residential place until she's had more treatment?
How does it all work?
Hi Ra,
Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you have not had a reply to either of your posts. I suspect it's because like me, others aren't sure either.

It sounds like you have a lot to manage, trying to get the right support for your wife and keeping your children safe too.

Have you contacted MIND for advice? http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/

They have a helpline and their website has a section on respite facilities for those with mental health needs http://www.mind.org.uk/information-supp ... -retreats/

Hmmmm. Well, seems to me you and your wife need input from those who have granted the package. They will know what the intention was regarding the package and are responsible for discussing the options available with her (and you) ...... as to what the options are I have no idea either.

As Social Sevices have you on their radar.....obviously as the package has been granted....seems to me this is just a communication problem. Suggest you speak to them.
The links you have been given should help you, hope you find time to open them. I too sorry you had to wait for any response, hope you still checking in here.
Hi thank you for your replies I appreciate it.
I think we need to have a talk about care homes with her care co ordinator and that it is difficult to manage at home.
I read somewhere that the money can only be used up to 4 weeks in 12 months for care home respite over night which doesn't seem enough to me but we appreciate any help we get
I've never heard anything so ludicrous. Social Services should be ensuring that your wife is well cared for and your children safe. How the heck do they think you have tome to research places, find somewhere suitable etc. etc. How did they decide the budget? They must surely have had somewhere in mind before they decided how much it was going to cost. Time they did what they are paid to do and gave you a break!!