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Looking for single male carers in same boat for friendship - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Looking for single male carers in same boat for friendship

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Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Nikki has given me this link to a website that looks like it's focused on setting up people with similar lifestyles - however neither she, Carers UK or myself can endorse it as we don't know what the site is like.
Just curious ... honest !!! ... click on PRICING at the top.

That's all most carers need to know , almost a hot meal a day for some ?
Sorry Chris but I didn't investigate the website - not at all interested in finding a 'life' partner at my age :lol: :lol: :lol: But thought it might be of interest to some.
Neither did I ... after looking at the pricing ?

In CarerLand , a romantic dinner for two on that first date sounds nice.

If the carer has to divi up , sharing a bag of what passes for chips nowadays out of the disused caravan on the manor tends not to go down too well.

Especially if the customary salt and vinegar is another 5p on top and you're down to your last 4p ?

Romance ? Well , what would expect for 4p ?

Might be a magazine in the nearby rubbish bin , a picture of a rose perhaps ?

It may ease the shrieking ?
Diane, you may like to have a look at this site for disabled dating.
Among the very long list of disabilities one can enter
is, Caring.

http://www.disableddating4u.co.uk/?utm_ ... AhrY8P8HAQ

I hasten to add that I know nothing about this site so cannot recommend it.

However, if you do eventually find romance somewhere and get married
don't forget to invite me to your wedding! :lol:
Not obvious at first glance there is a carers section but there is


Just looking :roll: ... no time or escape plan..... :lol:
you guys are awesome and thank you for all your help xxx seriously, i was worried for being selfish or someone bad for asking about relationships and love and loneliness and wishing i had a partner to just communicate with...... i can't thank you all enough, I've been so miserable watching my childrens father's just move on like that , ( even though i divorced both) I've only had two relationships and given my all in and being married twice and had two children in each relationship and i can't go out and get drunk and sleep with someone, i cant scream and shout and fake reality and pretend and blame..... i have to hope which sometimes seems impossible.. i came on here hopefully to meet someone special and if i do i do and if i don't i don't but thats better than whinging because nothing but nothing will come before me and my daughter, i love her so much, i will keep going until i can't "go' any further because thats my choice...even if it kills me personally, motherhood and caring will come first :pinch:
Hi. What a wonderful idea that would be. My husband and I split up for four years but remained friends as no one else was involved. However when he had a massive stroke last June there was no one else to look after him so we moved into a disabled flat. He is totally housebound and spends most of the day in bed watching tv. I'm lucky that i have carers coming in 4 times a day so cam get out shopping etc or just for a coffee. But I'm a very young at heart 60 year old with no health issues but feel is this it for me too ? It may come that he has to go into a home but for now I'm very lonely and sometimes need a friendly shoulder to cry on.
I'm a fulltime carer to 2 adults one of whom is in a wheelchair . Eldest has asd & POTs , 2nd one has POTs , CFS , hypermobility EDS (wheelchair) , cataracts due to eds & 3rd one has hypermobility EDS but thankfully no wheelchair needed .
Hi, new to the forum but so pleased to see Diane’s post. I’m caring for a husband I was about to leave because of his alcohol problem when his health took a serious turn for the worse and he couldn’t cope on his own. For two years now his health has gone downhill and he is virtually bed bound now.

I feel so lonely, miss the companionship of a relationship and all the little things that go with it. At 55 I feel too young to give up on life but it feels as though my life has ended along with his. Only another carer would probably understand how hard it is and I totally understand where Diane is coming from.

It’s a relief to see I’m not alone in feeling like this and Chris’s sense of humour certainly lightens the mood!
I was widowed at the age of 54, 13 years ago.
We promised each other that if anything happened to one of us, the remaining partner should seek someone else, rather than spend the rest of life being lonely.
My son moved into supported living just before he died. I feel that 13 years of battling with Social Services has denied me of any chance of happiness again.
Diane_1703123456 wrote:
Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:04 pm
Hi, I posted on carers uk last week for the first time as I'd just registered. I'm 37 female full time carer to disabled severely autistic daughter, not toilet trained and can't talk, (my daughter ... not me.. ha ha) I have other children too bring up also, I wondered if there was any single males out there in similar circumstances,.... lonely and wanting an adult relationship but unable to go out or socialise or date or go anywhere without caring responsibilities and taking the person you care for with them everywhere all of the time. I admit this seems an impossible way to have some sort of relationship with any man however after a few years of being alone following my divorce I just hoped somewhere out there .... ( I feel a song coming on... with a blooming violin please ) someone may want to add their baggage carnage guilt stress and difficulties to mine so we can be stressed and tired and "not cope" together, I don't get chance to log on daily and I've just had the weekend of soiling from hell, but we all have to cope as carers the best we can, I may copy and paste this message to different topics as I'm not sure who reads what and when. Anyway bye for now every one. Diane x
Hello Diane x like me I am a full time carer and I also would like a friendship and be in touch with someone in the same position and also understands the situation full well. I do sometimes feel isolated and don't do much in the way of socialising, it's good to talk. William. :)