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Hello all
My name is Diane and I have been caring for 10 years 1st for my dad when he was dying from Bowel cancer. Then for my mum until she got carers in and now I care for my fiancée. I am a diabetic (type 2) and up until 6 months ago I was alone in that the only break I got (and still get lol) is two weeks in Skegness in Lincolnshire where I meet up with my family and have some me time. I still after 7 years i still feel guilty for leaving him in the care of his daughters and sister. I know if I did not go I would go and have a nervous breakdown. He has Fibromyalgia in his legs constant lower back pain, three stents in his heart and regularly suffers from chest pain. I find myself feeling really drained and alone. The good news is I now get out to a walking group at the wonderful Eden Project one morning a week and now volunteer two days a week so I get some me time to talk to other people and I hope in time to make new friends. As his only carer I feel it's important for us both to have time apart
Hi Diane
Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will get more replies soon but we are all making ourselves familiar with the new forum layout
Hi Diane and welcome
Glad to hear you get breaks and some me time. It's something we recommend to all carers. I'm sure your experience will be helpful to many carers.
As Henrietta said we've just been upgraded and its taking a while for us to get used to new layouts etc. More people will be along over the next few days I'm sure