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Looking after Husband with MS - Carers UK Forum

Looking after Husband with MS

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I'm new to this site. My name is Julie and my husband was diagnosed with RR/MS last June. I'm struggling as there have been so many changes, particularly his behaviour, and I'm looking for advice on how to cope with it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Julie
Hi Julie, welcome to the forum. Have you asked Social Services for a Carers Assessment? Has your husband had a Needs Assessment? There may well be some local support services which you don't know about. Be sure to contact them. I have been a carer for our 4 elderly parents, sadly the last one passed away earlier this year. I also have a son with severe learning difficulties. I don't know much about MS, others will be along later who may be able to help. However, I know a lot about the trials and tribulations of being a carer.
Julie, hi again! This section gets a lot more traffic, and though some of it is very general, as you can see from BB, there are aspects of care that apply to many situations, and hopefully you may find helpful for your own. And there are most definitely carers here with carees with MS, or conditions that can have a similar impact on lives.

All the best to you, Jenny
Hi Julie, I'm Mark and my wife has RR MS too. Welcome to the forum, I hope we can help you.
Coming on here is a good step to helping you to cope with the change you describe.

My wife also has friends who have MS and we attend hospital to administer 'Tysabri' treatment once a month, again with lots of others who have MS. The main difficulty with this condition is that it is different for everyone who has it. It presents differently, it progresses differently, so it's not so easy to take direct inspiration from others, but some are similar situations which can help.

Learning to deal with the change will take a bit of time but I'm sure you'll start to see evidence of what might be affecting the behaviour changes. My wife gets regular infections which affect her whole system, so we try to control that. Heat also affects her, so summer is difficult but we control that too.

Do describe the things you're looking to cope with and I'd be happy to offer any more advice as I can from my experiences.

Stick with it, there are tough times when it can be overwhelming trying to deal with things and make sense of what's going on (often even the doctors aren't clear), but hopefully also makes the more stable times a time to catch your breath and enjoy at least a little normality.

All the best. Mark