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Long term carer needs care! - Carers UK Forum

Long term carer needs care!

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Hi everyone
I`m 52 and my wife is 42.We have been together for 22 years,12 of that my wife has been unwell and is getting progressivly worse. At the moment she is on a high dependency watd as her throat closed up narrowing her airway.
She had a virus whch turned into CFS and Fibromyalgia.She had an emergency hysterectomy after they found a growth(whilst they were exploring why her bladder wouldn`t work). She has a supra pubic catheter and almost continuous bladder infections. I have nearly lost her twice to pneumonia and once yesterday with her breathing problem.
I have worked in a very active job whih I mostly enjoyed for 35 years. My wife and I were in an RTA in 2004 when a thief decided to steal a lorry but forgot we were in his way! Wife was ok but I had a pretty serious back/leg injury. I worked on until Sept 2008 on light duties but finally had to call it a day. When I was at work we had Counyy Council funded carers plus a contribution from us. We still have those carers but I am really struggling with my own health and doing the usual washing,catheter bag changes, bladder washes,wheelchair pushing,housework and coping with all of her emotional problems which go back to a very difficult chilhood. Am now on strong painkillers and anti deppressents myself.
The one good thing about me now being off work is that we still get on really well which we have always done.We have had to enter into a debt management plan and I am hoping for ill health retirement but my salary has now stopped.
Enough for now. Sorry for the rant but it`s amazing how people including some family fade away when it hits the fan
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Hi Eyeballs,

Have you thought about asking for a re assessment of your needs, both for your wifes' own needs but also you as her carer whose health has now deterioated.
Plus since you finished work,did you get a new financial assessment done?
You never know but you may be entitled to further help.

CUK also have CarersLine .. freephone number is 0808 808 7777 and we are open on Wednesday and Thursday 10am -12pm and 2pm - 4pm.Messages can be left outside these times.

Apologies in advance if all this been done lately.

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Hi and welcome.

Karen xx
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