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Hi I'm very new to this - Carers UK Forum

Hi I'm very new to this

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am Michael 50yo and been caring for my Fiancee for some time now. After she was shoved into a small dark room bed-bound for 4 years I was able to construct a wheelchair to "prove" to w.chair services she could sit in one. The care provided at the time was abusive and neglectful-terrible. I helped change that. Only when the last year's elections came round that I took an MP into her accomodation and within a few days we had a "move" to more suitable accomodation. Strange? Since then social services cut my partner's care so much that it made me primary care provider by default. I don't mind as Nicole knows how easily I can wash,change and assist her.However, I have been placed in a world where I have no idea where to turn-who to speak to-I know nothing of the system or of benefits. I have my own health issues which are being put on hold due to my caring. I have tried as best as I can but I cannot get anyone who I can talk to-we even made the local papers in Haringey!
Please can anyone give me some advice or direction I can look into?
Hi Michael,
Welcome to the forum. You sound a very inventive person and your fiancée is lucky to have you fighting to improve her life.

The forum is great for emotional support and practical advice.

Re the minefield of benefits, you are best advised to contact the Carers UK helpline. Either give them a ring or email them and request a call back.

Isn't Haringey the London borough that has just paid SIXTY THOUSAND POUNDS to redesign their stupid LOGO?????????????????????????????????????????????????

It is beyond belief, just beyond belief, totally and utterly, that a council in this day and age with so so many cuts, can even THINK of having a logo in the first place, let alone PAYING anyone for its design!

If I'm right, then go for their jugular and really, really shame them!

All the best to you and your fiancée, and this forum is great for expert advice on what you can claim etc, and on emotional support when times are tough, as they usually are for carers....
Hello. I am in a similar situation and i am also looking for some direction. Its new to me and I don't really know where to turn or what help is out there. I hope this site can help.