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Tattooed Carer new here. - Carers UK Forum

Tattooed Carer new here.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi All
I am new on here found you all by way of facebook and google. I love the web forums and these social networking sites, I think it helps me feel less lonely caring. I care for my New husband we got married on Samhain Pagan New Year (Halloween), Yes you guessed it I am a Pagan which in case anyone gets muddled up, I'm a tree hugger not a devil worshipper. LOL
I have looked after my darling husband for four years now he has slowly been getting worse not better Image He started with a physicall disabled which slowed his walking down to a few hundred yards, Now with his Arthritis and ME/CFS he walking is down to nil because of pain and no energy. Red Cross very kindly lent us a wheelchair so he can get around more untill wheelchair service hopefully kicks in, The O.T's have been very good to us. Only very recently became my husbands full time carer because his M.E brain farts as he calls them are worse and he left water running, gas on etc. But we muddle through.

We llive in Cider making county Herefordshire, we our two daughters and my son who is in the army. I spent alot of time in Alder Hey Kids hospital Liverpool as my youngest daughter has a tumour in lower which they are trying to shrink untill she leaves college and they decide what to do with the little bugger.
Welcome to you lots of lovely people here Image
We llive in Cider making county]
I see you knew the pass to gain entrance to the forum Image Image . Good to have you on board and hope you find the forum of benefit to you. As serious as some of the issues are that we face, we also like to have a laugh too.

Hi Tatooedcarer and welcome to the forum, Image pint of best cider over here please, Image
Hi and welcome, I'm the boring one who drinks coffee not cider. Image Image
Cider I wish I could drink, but my days of getting drunk are long gone, But it does smell lovely when they are pressing/cooking the apples.
Hello and welcome Image
pork in cider mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Image
Hello, and welcome to our Forum, Tattooedcarer Image
Welcome...lovely to "meet" you! No cider here but plenty of Sangia! I'm from Somerset originally so sorry but best cider, cheese and strawberries down there!

Enjoy the forum!

Bell x
Hello tattooed carer.
You have inspired me to write my first post.
I am also a pagan and am on the uk pagan forum.