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Linda Here

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Hello all,
my name is Linda, and I live in Notts. E Midlands. I live with my Mother (81) my Husband, and my Son (31)
My Mother is a little frail, but otherwise fit and healthy, she is living with us for now till the granny Annexe we are planning is built in ou garden. On the whole, considering we are like chalk and cheese we are doing ok
My Husband is ..........just my Husband - we go through good patches and bad patches. He drives lorries and has had a major heart attack in the past and has had a triple bipass.

My son is still with us - he has no job and does not claim any benefits, we keep him - he trades on E-Bay to make money.
He suffers from panic attacks,and does not venture from the house - I do all his shopping, he does not see a doctor for his anxiety, but has beta blockers on repeat which he has not used in over a year now.
I worry what the future holds for him and me. I love him dearly and he is a sweet boy.

I have told you more than any one else except family knows. I dont know why - but I find it very cleansing to talk to strangers.

I hope you will let me hang out here
Hi Linda, welcome. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Welcome aboard Linda. Wont take you long to settle in and become part of the 'family'

x x
Hi Linda and welcome Image
you can hang out with us anytime! Image
Thank you for the replies, and for your welcome.
At the moment - I am trying to regain my strength after cooking for six, to take them all to the shop
Welcome..you can join in anytime!!!! It's always nice to comfort one another no matter what roll we play in caring or what illness we have to cope with...

EVE Image
Hi Linda, I know what you mean about talking to strangers. I care for my eldest son 23 who suffers with psycosis, he is doing really well now but it is hard work and I find my husband even harder!! I think the hardest thing is getting even an iota of a minute for ourselves and even when i do i can't concentrate on doing anything lol well that could be just me. Hope you are having an ok day Carol x
we r not strangers lol just strange (running for cover lol)
welcome to the site linda
i think this site has saved wot is left of our sanity on sooo many occasions for sooo many people!
Thanks again,
I find that the line is blurred between who in the family I care for. Mum and Son need me the most I guess, but then my Daughter who lives close by and is a single Mum has suffered from depression for the last 12 years, and Hubby who had a heart attack three years ago still seem to need my help.
I think the time is coming though when things may start to sway in my favour. Daughter is close to getting a job at last, and Mum has come to live with us while an annexe is built on our garden. So even though this means she will want more from me, there wont be any more driving to her house 3 miles away at all hours of the day and night.
Just rambling - its good to share - thankyou
Hello there - I'm pleased to hear that there will be light at the end of the tunnel! My Mum lived a few doors away from us, but it still took a chunk out of each day to care for her......but as you say, at least there's no travelling.
Welcome to the Family - (oooo, that sounds like we are a bunch of villains, doesn't it? lol) Image