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Applied for carers allowance effect on EAS? - Carers UK Forum

Applied for carers allowance effect on EAS?

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Hi All

Applied for carers allowance 9sept, apparently they are just dealing with my claim now.

My partner has Osteonecrosis, chronic asthma, excema, depression brought on by his other conditions and I am now his carer.

He claims ESA and receives standard payment for both mobility and daily care components.

Carers have said as yet no decision has been made, once decision is reached they have to give ESA 4 weeks notice that they are going to make payments.

We had to go through mandatory reconciliation for my partner to receive his pip, and await decision (January - Sept). Hence I was unable to claim as he wasn't in receipt of pip until sept.

Why do they have to inform ESA? I do not receive any payments from them? As far as I know my partner doesn't recieve money for care through ESA!

Ridiculous really that I have had to stop work to care for him, yet receive no benefits and have had no income since March of this year. My previous employment was as a casual worker, (market research).

Any reply gratefully received! Was hoping for some pennies for Christmas but that doesn't seem likely now!
Hi Shirley ... a holding reply befor the calvary arrives.

Are you in an area for Universal Credit ... or scheduled to be :

Online post code search will reveal :


UC may have an effect on what you are experiencing and / or what will follow.

Any other benefits / allowances ?

Council tax discount / Housing Benefit ?

For an expert opinion , the Carers UK advice team is recommended.

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... al-support

I trust the above information will assist.
Reason for them contacting ESA is because they take some money from the ESA the carers allowance is paid every week,once this has been confirmed your entitled to it ESA will or should send out a new breakdown of what Money you will receive also any disabled premiums which is added
Thanks for replys

I receive housing benefit and council tax benefit.

Universal credit not due in our postcode area until approx june/july.

No other benefits in my name.

We receive child tax credit.

Partner receives ESA (support group) and standard component both daily care and mobility.
Your welcome.

Next stop ... our Advice Team for their expert view :
The Carers UK Adviceline is open Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, 10am to 4pm.

Note: listening service available Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9am to 7pm.

Advice line/ phone 0808 808 7777

( it can be hard to get through, so you could email them and ask for a call back.)

Email advice@carersuk.org

Email is easiest given the numbers currently availing themselves of the free service.

Feel free to add anything more ... there are all some readers around that will be able to assisit.