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Just want someone to talk to!!!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
This is terrible, Stephen. It sounds to me like you need a different solicitor. For a start, waiting for six weeks is not appropriate when you think a person may be losing capacity. I don't understand how there can be a question of 'not enough detail'. I think this is a case for emailing the Carers UK helpline and also finding out from your GP what exactly went on, and you need a reliable solicitor - or if you trust the solicitor, then what does that solicitor think of the GP who didn't even give you a signed document you could query? Did you get his name and address? But what you need is help now, and you aren't getting it.
Perhaps your mother does in fact have the capacity to grant PoA. Just because one dubious GP who doesn't even know her says otherwise, doesn't prove it. It all sounds very fishy to me.
I did qualify as a solicitor in the distant past, but I didn't work as one, and so I am just writing on the basis of gut reaction. Maybe Carers UK or some other organization can advise you on finding a better solicitor. I had lots of trouble over a brother's probate with the biggest local solicitors' firm here and apart from word of mouth I have no idea of how to find a good one.

I would be very worried where an attempt is being made to over ride a GP's opinion on MC on a patient they are familiar with. I think you should seek advice on this. I'm not sure who from though. In the first instance I think you could talk to the GP as I'm sure they'd be concerned to hear about the latest developments. The Carers Uk helpline may also be able to point you in the right direction of where to get advice.

I've sent you a private message. If you go to purple tags at the top of the page it will say I new message
Who us paying this solicitor? If it is you or if he taking money from dads estate, then you can simply say you don't him any more and instruct a different one
It so happens we changed solicitors because of the six week wait, a Dr Mike Davies, who kept promising to call but never did.
It broke my heart that our new solicitor also wanted to use the same Dr (again he promised to call but never did). Then just as I'd phoned our new solicitors saying I was done with the man, he rang on the bank holiday Monday asking to come round immediately...
Sadly when I rang the new solicitors on Tuesday the first thing she said was they had found a new DR...
Mum has Aphasia as a result of her stroke, but otherwise is clear concise in everything she does. She just can't communicate properly. But ask her a simple question and she will answer..
So do I trust Dr Mikey Davies as he called himself, or do I talk to my GP?
I just wish the idiot had taken one more day to call and we'd have a new Dr doing the assessment.
And the £250 has to be paid by us, not out the estate, but as it took him over two months to ring us he can expect the same for payment.
http://www.39essex.com/docs/newsletters ... 1mar14.pdf

I Googled Mental Capacity Assessment and this seemed a good guide. I would suggest that you have a look at various MCA related information on the internet. You should not be asked to pay until you have a copy of a detailed report.
Dr Mikey Davies (avoid this man at all costs) spent 20 minutes with my Mum after we waited over 2 months for him to contact us, after which he determined she did not have mental capacity.
He asked questions about children, names etc. despite the fact she was clearly distressed. Asked her to write and sing. Before swanning of with his hanging baskets (he apologised for being late as he was in a queue at a garden centre buying hanging baskets).
Is there anyway I can complain about this persons conduct, or can I just refuse to pay his £250 bill for 20mins work?
Click on the link I gave you, read through how an MCA should be conducted. There should be a formal written report. You could also talk to the ?Medical Council which registers doctors, and complain about his conduct.