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Just walked in and.... - Carers UK Forum

Just walked in and....

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Thought I'd say hello.

(Deep breath...) Been caring for my 86 year old Mum now for the last 9 years, I'm 47 myself and have given up work, and any sort of social life in general to care. If I'm honest just fed up of my own company when I get a few hours for myself, (Like the time this has been posted Image) Would be nice to chat with people in a similar situation. Don't know why it's taken me so long to sign up, but anyroad have jumped in now and will see how it goes...

Rubbish intro, but it's late.... Image
Hi Ollie, welcome to the forum. There are lots of us caring for elderly parents, I always took the view that it was payback time for all the love and kindness I was given when I was growing up. Nevertheless it's not always easy and there seems to be very little time to do normal things. Now after I had a major illness carers come to give mum the basic care - washing, dressing, feeding (she still lives alone) whilst I do all sorts of other things they can't/won't. I also have a son with severe learning difficulties. Be sure to drop in at roll call, after a few days you will soon get to know everyone, and we chat about all sorts of things.
Hi Ollie and welcome to the forum Image
I care for my mum too. We understand how lonely and isolating caring can be. Stick around on the forum, there are lots of lovely friendly people here and we support each other.
Join us on roll call to in the members section, you will be very welcome. Image
Take care.
Welcome Ollie and chat away. We are a friendly bunch Image . You will find most of us on Roll Call where we chat over the garden fence (virtual).

Another carer for mum here so you are now not alone, just a bit less isolated Image
Welcome Ollie

Im new to hear also nice to finally be able to express my feeling as I care for a friend 24/7 its just helpful to bend some-ones ear off lol
Thanks for the warm welcome everybody, looks like I'm gonna be okay here. Image
Hi Ollie
Welcome to the forum Image
I also care for my mum, have done so for quite a few years, but only joined the forum a few months ago and am very glad I did. It is a good way to feel less isolated.
take care
Welcome aboard Ollie!

Bell x
Hi Ollie,
Welcome Image
Love the profile pic......singing in my head now.... ''on the trail of the lonesome pine''...
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