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Just saying Hi - Carers UK Forum

Just saying Hi

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Just joined & found out about carers uk from radio solent whom i have emailed & thanked.
I,m 42 & care for my wife who has mental health issues which has led me to give up on work for the time being.
Ive been appalled that after 17 years of ill health my partners case still had to go to tribunal for carers allowance & am keen to campaign for ill mental health issues to be more recognised in disability legislation.
Keen to meet any carer contact groups in the Dorchester/Weymouth area.
Best wishes to all.
Fred L
Hi Fred,

First of all welcome to the forum where I am sure you will soon make friends and receive support.We try help one another as much as possible.

I have found the following information for you but you will need decide yourself if any use.

Carer's UK - Dorchester
7 Bellbury Close
Tel: 01305 848374

Carers UK - Weymouth & Portland
42 Courtlands
Tel: 01305 860871

I phoned the Puddletown one, and a lovely lady there also advised me that there is another group at Dorford Baptist Centre.
Also,the North Dorset PCT possibly have a group but she needs to confirm that.

If you would like to discuss your own situation please consider given this lady a call.
Her name ..Shirley Parker
Tel: 01305 848374

West Dorset Mental Health Forum
57 West High Street
Tel: 01305 257172

Hope you can find what you're looking for amongst the above.Keep us posted please.

Hi Fred,

I would just like to welcome you to the forum, you will definitely make lots of friends.

Rosemary has already given you some good information, unfortunately I don't live in your area but I also care for my husband who suffers with a form of mental illness & know how difficult it can be to try & prove that it's a disability.
Just like to add my welcome too Fred!

I'm sure you'll find the forum and site very helpful and supportive!

Take care
Maryann x
Just a thanks for the welcomes & indeed for the addresses Rosemary...we lost our tribunal for a mid range care component (on lower) because the visiting dr was too general with his comments not pinpointing exacts enough to meet with legislation.
However thanks to this site i have had a meeting at CAB & they are confident we will get the middle care component & are helping me put a new case together which im coupling with a carers diary showing what i do.
I appreciate the govt have to be tight on this sort of thing but blood/stone springs to mind & a lawyer handy to smack wrists as they put an x when your forms dont meet with their grammatical correctness that equalling doubt to your claims validity of course Image
God Bless all,keep smiling...
Just adding my welcome to the forum Fred.

Paula xx