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Just Joined, now what? (I'm scared!) - Carers UK Forum

Just Joined, now what? (I'm scared!)

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
*peers in around the corner meekly*


*Steps out from around the corner*

Erm.... Hi. Image <<< sheepish grin

I'm shy. I'm scared. Where do I start? Image
I got your web address from my local doctors so thought I'd take a look. It looks like a place where I might be glad of some help and to ask a few questions from time to time, maybe make some new friends. I don't really like giving too much away about myself too early on until I find my footing but this forum seems to necessitate that somehow. Image

OK, lets try and make this brief for now. I'm a carer to my gorgeous darling wife whom I met and married just over 10 years ago. Both of us are disabled. I'm profoundly deaf and wifey has Juvenile Still's Disease, diagnosed at 9 years old. I'm 50 this year and wifey is a little older.

Right, that's brief enough for now. Off to have a browse of the forum.
*Dashes off back around the corner* Image
*Waves and grins at Gary* Image

*Mouths at him "don't be shy!" * and hopes that after having a look around here, he will say there is no need to be scared cos we don't bite. We share good stuff and also share when times are not so good..sometimes we even say stuff that we would never say anywhere else.

Because this is OUR place. Image

*Waves "bye" to Gary and walks off into the distance..then suddenly remembers something, rushes back and mouths "say "hi" to wifey too!

Disappears into the distance again as she is absolutely worn out and is off to kip!

Ok, the punctuation is lousy but I am shattered..welcome Gary Image
a big welcome gary, glad you found us plenty of friends and support here
A warm welcome from me too Gary. Bell submits her post and thinks to herself...."he's going to fit in real well with us crazy lot" Image

Bell x
"he's going to fit in real well with us crazy lot"

Who ya callin' crazy?!?! Image

Oh, OK, maybe I am. Image

Gee, thanks for the warm welcomes thus far. This is looking to be a rather nice forum, one I should have been aware of 10 years ago. Image
Oh well, better late than never, eh?
Hi Gary Image Image
You can say as much or as little as you want, or even whisper it from round the corner! Image
Hi and welcome to the Forum.Hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image Image
Hi Gary and wifey, and welcome
Wavey, wavey, grin, grin, welcome aboard. Can understand you not wanting to give much away for a start, no need to, just talk as and when you want. Roll call on carer to carer is a good place to get to know us all, our virtual coffee and natter over the garden fence.

Thank you for the latest welcomes. It sure is looking like a friendly forum with a few more nutters so it's already feeling like home! Image