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Emergency cover

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Hi I'm a carer for an adult with learning and physical disabilities whose worsening condition means I will have to give up work and become a paid carer, otherwise he will have to go into care which he does not want but the local authority does.
The stumbling block is that I have to prove to the authority that I have emergency cover in place.
I have asked what other people do in this position they have said nothing.
I am finding it difficult to find out any information.
So far I have found it imposible to find a care agency or other provider who will do this and the free cover provided by notts county council i not available for paid carers.
Has anyone else had this problem if so have you any advice.

I live in Nottinghamshire and come under the County Council
Are you related to your caree? How old is he/she? Has a Needs Assessment been completed by Notts CC? If the needs are very severe, has an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment taken place? These are the basic requirements. Will you live with the person concerned? What reason has been given that the person cannot use the other emergency cover? Surely the service should depend on individual need, not who is caring for them?!
Have you contacted these people
Sounds complicated and .....a bit odd. Could you try telling them that THEY are the future provider of emergency cover i,e, the home they are suggesting???
Seriously, that could be an option?
Sounds very stressful for you right now, hope you can meet them to discuss it again soon.
I so hope it irons out ok for you both. Good luck xx