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Good morning all, my name is Fran and I've noticed that today is Carer's Day and thought yep that's me so I thought I'd join up to get more information and to talk experiences with other great Carers. I work full time but also care for my partner who has bipolar. I find getting support particularly difficult but I am connected with a local charity, Making Space, who advise on carers activites/talks/days out (only trouble is majority are during the week whilst I'm at work).
So what is caring for me? Well I have found it pretty isolating, frustrating at times, exhausting, stressful but also rewarding at times.
I've been with my partner for 5 years and he was diagnosed with bipolar within the first year of us being together. He's been sectioned once with mania (and hopefully not again fingers crossed) and he has had episodes of illness and is currently unwell with depression. He also works full time but stress is a massive trigger for him. I find myself watching him 24/7 for any slight change in behaviour and through this, although tiring, have managed to alert his mental health team in the early stages.
I would welcome talking with others with similar experiences or even for light hearted chat which we all need from time to time :)
HI and welcome, Fran.

PLeased he has the Mental Health team on board. Well done for recognising early signs. And very well done for surviving manic episode....I too will cross my fingers for you ;)

Mental health is desperately underfunded isn't it?

Yep agree caring is all those things you mention. ;)

Saw something today...will copy and paste it for you/us below --------
It's mental illness awareness month in the UK. Please remember even though people look happy on the outside they can be dying on the inside, please spare some time to ask how they are and let them know you care ! Don't wait till its too late
Thanks for the response and for the info. I completely agree that mental health services are critically underfunded and I wish there was something more I could do about it. My partner is very fortunate that he has access to such a good team whereas others who may be in greater need and their families don't, which is wrong on all levels.
The manic episode a couple of years ago was truly awful and seeing my partner hospitalised was traumatic. It has stayed with me since and I guess it's why I keep such a close eye for any subtle changes in his mood or presentation.
There definitely needs to be more support for carers and there have been times when I've needed it but struggled on regardless as so many others do. Hence I'm here to support, listen, laugh or chat to anyone who wants it :-)