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Just joined - Carers UK Forum

Just joined

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Everyone

I'm new to the site / group, I don't know why I've never thought to join before!

I've been caring for my elderly frail Mum for the past 5 years now and I must admit that there are times when I feel very alone and, although my husband is a wonderful supportive man, it'll be great to share news, views & info with others in the same position :)

Hello, Judy, welcome :) It is a friendly place, good for sharing what's going on in your life, good or bad! I like the way that people on here understand when you get really excited about something that other people think is quite small (like getting a good night's sleep or the person you look after eating a meal!)because for people who do that all the time it isn't a big deal. Similarly people understand how one fairly small bad thing can be the straw that breaks the camel's back - none of us are invincible :) I hope you find lots to join in with :)
Hi Judy and welcome.
I also look after an elderly parent but my father. I'm sure whether to describe him as frail or as strong as an ox- a bit of each, and definitely as stubborn as a mule. LOL
Hi Judy,
Welcome to the Forum

I look after my Mum (89 - Rheumatoid Arthritis)
We are hear to help/listen/advise/support.

You are not alone and I hope we can all help you out.

Take care, love and hugs

Hi Judy,

welcome on board! I hope you enjoy the forum.

Does your Mum live with you?

Hi Judy

Welcome !
I've been looking after my 90yr old Mum for around 5 years too, and it can feel very isolating at times. I don't know if I could manage without the support of my Hubby