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Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I'm Chris from NE Lancs caring for my husband who has a multitude of conditions, heart stroke, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, diabetes, deafness. He needs a new knee which affects his mobility but can't have one because of the surgical risk.
He's pretty immobile and tends to fall and gets very breathless COPD.
I took him on with these conditions which have increased his level of immobility over the years. He also drops thing, food, glasses, plates
My worst problems have been with the local authority on the issue of respite. There has been an annual battle since I was first granted vouchers. This hasn't been helped by dear husband saying things to the local authority about the level of help I need to care for him then forgetting to tell me!
I gave up work about 18 months ago to look after him, that wasn't early retirement, but fortunately have something I can do from home.
I realise we're quite luck in that we live in our own home, a bungalow, and because my husband is over 65 he keeps the Disability Living Allowance.
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Thanks again for all the welcomes.

Hopefully have resolved the matter of respite by going to the top and intimating a complaint.

Somewhat embarrassingly it seems the muddle was brought about because my husband spoke to someone at SS without telling me and said we needed more care. One of the perils of caring for someone who has had a stroke and is rather deaf Image
Meeting with social worker next week when hopefully my respite vouchers will be restored!