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Just Joined!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Welcome to the forum
Take your time, wander around the board, you'll find lots of lovely people to chat with
Merry Christmas
Welcome to the forum Daisymay - lots of lovely people here with a wealth of experience. Hope you find it useful and fun. Image
Hi Daisymay is your daughter at school or college? My youngest daughter has autism she is going to start at a special needs school in January . At the moment she is spitting a lot I don't know if it's a phase or whether she stops soon I certainly hope so it's rather uncooth. I do believe she finds Xmas quiet stressy and can get anxious. Merry Xmas to you and welcome to the forum. Image
Hiya and welcome from me too
Hi Daisy May, I have just joined and posted my first thing today. I have a 16 year old son who has high-functioning autism and OCD, so we have things in common (his twin sister is called Daisy Mae, by the way, which is why I first looked at your post!) I also have an 18 year old daughter who has epilepsy and, I think, high-functioning autism.
If you read mine, you will see that I am a bit at my wits end, so I don't really have any advice as such, but I can say that my son always found school really difficult and I had to take him out when he was 13 as he just couldn't cope any more. Home education really worked for us, and the home ed. team at Essex county council were supportive.
My daughter had education at home by LEA tutors until she had done her GCSEs, but there is no provision for her now, and I am a bit worried that she is just falling into a rut. I find it is accessing help that is so difficult.
I do hope you find some help on the forum.
Hello Daisy May.

I thought you were "Minnie" as she has the twinkly rose avatar too.

I am to stoopid to work out how to do an avatar, and after seven years am just mastering cut and paste! I am a late starter in IT you see.

Hope you make lots of good friends here, as I have over the years.

Take care
Hi Daisymay, my husband has aspergers and re-current depression syndrome,and I care for him full time.Although he's a lot older than your daughter - he's 44 , I identify a lot with your daughters traits and even the traits of people posting with young children.He also tends to want to sit in all the time , has no sense of danger and is extremely vulnerable to suggestion.He gets anxious and agitated too.He's still very child like in lots of ways.
I joined an aspie carer group but unfortunately they were all parents, but something like that may be useful to you.There is an aspergers thread lower down the board ,maybe some posts there could be useful.Please post and don't think you're alone as a lot of us are isolated and at least it's somewhere to chat!
happy new year to you and your family