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Just An Introduction - Carers UK Forum

Just An Introduction

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone, not sure where to begin here so just jumping in with a long-winded introduction.

I'm 24 years old and began caring for my mother four months ago. She has a long history with bipolar disorder and alcoholism, about a year ago she suffered from liver failure which led to a major infection and the doctors were preparing my family for the worst.

Amazingly my mother bounced back from it and eventually was able to go home. Unfortunately, her boyfriend who was her official carer at the time was also an alcoholic. My sister and I had naively hoped that the scare would have put sense into him to keep alcohol out of the house but instead he encouraged my mother to get drunk with him. This led to another long term hospital visit last November and he is now out of the picture.

By February she was stable enough that they could only focus on her physical health as they did not want to risk putting her on mental health medication that may mess with her damaged liver. She was carted back and forth between a Mental Hospital and a General Hospital as they simply did not know where to put her. All she wanted was to go home so I agreed to leave my job and move home. I have been independent since I got my first job at 17 so this has naturally been a strange adjustment.

I won't go further for now as this was intended as a short introduction haha. So yeah, my name's Anthony, 24 years old and from Scotland. Nice to meet you all. :)
Hi Anthony,

welcome to the forum. This is a big life change for you. I hope you find the forum supportive.

Hi Anthony and welcome. I've just read your other post and I stand in awe of what you gave up and what you are doing. Ask anything you need as someone will know.
Hello Anthony, I know carersuk will be helpful, but hope you are also getting help from Al-Anon who specialise in helping the family of alcoholics.