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Hi Hayley, nice to meet you :)

Sorry to hear about your lack of support from family, but I am glad you've found this forum.

It's lovely to hear of the close relationship with your nan, but you must remember to look after yourself too x
The going rate for paid carers in my area is between £10 and £20 an hour Hayley. It's REALLY important that you are paid for the care which you provide as you go along, not waiting. So every week you are not getting paid you are saving your rotten aunt and uncle an awful lot of money each! Is this really right, especially when they are being so rude about you??!!??
If nan has under £23,000 in cash/savings, excluding the value of the house, she can have a "Needs Assessment" from Social Services, and you a Carers Assessment. Then there is a choice, nan can either have carers come into the house, or she can have something called Direct Payments, where the council can pay you for the care you provide. If her needs are very high, then she can have as much care as she needs, completely free, from the NHS. This is called Direct Payments.
Don't allow yourself to be disadvantaged by aunt and uncle.
Have you been given any help or support to get over the trauma of your mum's death? To feel happy going out and about on your own?
I'm currently getting counselling for my own issues, it's all come to the surface again the past week as we received a letter informing us that the man who killed my mum may be getting out of prison in July.... But nothing I can do about it so just trying to keep my chin up.

Im going to apply for the carers allowance and hopefully then my ESA will goto the premium allowance.

Thankyou so much for your help everyone, you've been so lovely x
Good to hear you are getting support, such a difficult time for you.
Please keep posting Hayley. The forum is a wonderful support for me, and I hope it can be for you too.
Yes I will definitely stay active on here! :D