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Hi all, I just joined today after my GP recommend the site. I've been caring for my nan full time for a few years now, the past year she's basically been bed bound and I don't leave the house anymore so it's nice to come on here to talk to people who understand the responsibility and isolation this can cause. I hope you're all having a positive day x
Welcome Hayley :)
Hi Hayley, welcome to the forum.
I'm very concerned to hear that you don't leave the house any more. Has anyone offered you any help? When did you last have a Carers Assessment, and Nan a Needs Assessment, from Social Services?
It's especially important as you are grand daughter, so relatively young. Are your parents still around?
Hello Hayley. Welcome to the forum.
You must be a very devoted Grandaughter. However, you shouldn't be constantly in the house caring wíthout a break. Everyone needs,and is entitled to that ,whether young, older or in-between.
Do hope you can answer Bowlingbuns query, as she and others will have good advice.
Thanks for the lovely welcome :)

I don't leave the house because I had previous mental health issues (depression & Anxiety) previous to my nans health deterioration. My parents passed away by the time I was mid twenties, my mum was actually murdered (hence the anxiety issues). So my nan is my world. I have an auntie and uncle that do tasks like picking up prescriptions and shopping, things I can't get out the house to do, but they don't understand what a responsibility I have on me, infact they aren't very nice to me because they come across resentful of the close relationship I have with my nan, I know they have put me down to people because I 'dont have a job' which makes me feel like they don't appreciate the care I give to their mum.

Sorry don't mean to have a moan, just don't have anyone else to vent to

On a plus note... The sun is shining, which puts everyone in a better mood :D
Hi Hayley and welcome from me to. You've certainly had a lot to deal with in life, sorry to hear what happened to your mother, I can't imagine what that must have felt like but I did loose my own mother to natural courses when I was at school so I understand a little. It is lovely that you have a close relationship with your nan but also important that you face your own anxiety issues and accept that a little support may be needed from outside the family to come to terms with your own situation so that you have a brighter future. I'm not sure how old or poorly nan is but her needs may increase as time goes on and you will need some separate me time away from the pressures of caring even if you choose to be her full time carer.
Hayley, are the aunt and uncle Nan's children?
It's really sad, but so true, that many relatives leave it up to one person in the family to care, so that they don't have their own lives upset. Both my brothers did this to me. Make no mistake, you are being used. If nan is bed bound, and you gave up caring for her, it would cost about £1,000 a week in a nursing home.
This takes me to a really, really important issue. Who owns the house where you are living? Is it Nan's own house, which you will inherit in due course, or is it a Housing Association or Council House? Please, please answer this question, it's absolutely vital that you know where you stand after nan dies or goes into nursing care.
What is your own financial situation? Are you claiming Carers Allowance?
Is Nan claiming Attendance Allowance? Does she have over £23,000 in savings? Who currently controls Nan's money?
Yes my auntie and uncle are my nans children. My nan has everything split in her will between my auntie,uncle and myself including the house... Which I do worry about as this has always been my home and I'm worried that if anything happened to nan, they would hang up on me and kick me out of the house to sell it straight away.

I'm on ESA, I get £125 a week. Nan recieves attendance allowance. I've only the past week been told that I could get an extra £30 a week on a higher rate of ESA for being a carer. I've been doing it a few years and was never aware that I was entitled to anything. I'm not sure on nans savings but I don't think it's anywhere near £25,000. Nan still handles her finances but my uncle transfers from one account to another for her.
Hayley, how many years have you been caring for Nan?
Hayley, if nan ever needed to go into residential care they would need to sell the house but could put a charge against it during your nan's life. Sadly if you are under 60 and not disabled , they could choose to ignore the fact that you live there and have been caring for nan all these years and they would include the house in a financial assessment. This was the heartless news I was getting from Borough of Poole when Dad reached nursing home stage just before he passed on. I was "lucky" and still have have the house but it is somewhat of a personal mission for me to warn others of this pitfall in the current system. Do not assume you will inherit 1/3 or even a portion of the property.