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Hello my name is Elaine and I retired from nursing to care for my husband who has bi polar and physical health problems. We have support from the mental health team and I have a support worker from making Spaces who is brilliant and has kept me more or less sane. Some days it is very difficult and I can sometimes feel overwhelmed. My family and I have all been badly affected over time by my husbands health problems. We have survived and he is safe with our support.
To help my self I have joined an Art group and now can call myself an artist, to be myself and not a carer for a few hours is so important for my self esteem and confidence.

I have come up against a few problems since my husband turned 65 with a change in services has anybody else come across this?

By for now.
Hi Elaine and welcome to the forum. I don't have much knowledge of bi polar but there are other members who'll be along soon who do. Roll call is a good place to to get to know other members.

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Hello Elaine - welcome to the site Image Everyone has different caring roles on here, but our feelings are usually the same! I'm sure someone will be along soon who has similar problems Image
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