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hi, i care for my mother who is blind, has had strokes and heart attacks,cant walk and totally dependent on me 24/7, would like to speak to people in same situations. willa
Hi Willa,

Welcome to the forum. There are quite a few members here who like you care for a parent.I am sure they will be along tomorrow morning to say hello too.

hi rosemary, i didn't know about this forum, so glad i found it, it can be a lonely life being a carer,and what a wonderful thing to share the ups and downs of our lives. willa x
Welcome to the forum Willa - quite a few of us in a similar situation to yours, usually someone around to have a 'chat' with - good place to start is 'roll call' on Carer to Carer.
Hello Willa and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Willa and welcome.
Hi Willa, Welcome to the forum, lots of people and chat Image
Hi Willa, welcome to the forum.
I'd like to add my welcome, too Image
hi everyone, and thank you all for the warm welcome willa x Image