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Jayell from Nottingham

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello there, Jayell, and welcome to the Forum. It could quite easily have been me who wrote the words which you have posted! I am in the same situation, but a bit farther down the line. Of course you are a Carer - you care for your mother.
I'm not particularly close to my mother either, and it's certainly made my job a bit harder than it normally would have been. In fact, I have said to nursing staff that it's not all the dementia doing it - she's always been like it to some extent! Then they look at me as if I'm the most awfulest daughter in the World!
Anyway, you know where to come if you want to rant and rave -or to just simply chat with others who will understand your feelings x
Welcome to the forum Jayell... many people here in very similar situation as you. When Mum was alive I was her "carer" despite the fact that I lived in another country! I used to visit every 3rd week for one week although obviously this became more and more frequent near the end of her life. Now? I don't have a caree but still have the boils....!!!

Hi Jayell,

Welcome to this forum, I've not been posting much lately due to Mum's increased caring needs but when I find a little time I come on if only to have a read and if I can I will post. You will find you get a lot of support from the wonderful members on here. There is always someone to talk to and rant and moan at!! Image And believe me I've done it many a time! Image

You ARE a carer the same as me and the rest of us on here. My mother lives in her own home (for now anyway) I am her main carer and do everything for her. She goes to day care 3 times a week and the only outside care we get is in a morning to get Mum up and dressed, an agency comes in and does that, although not always successfully! Image My problem is the opposite to yours and Pam's, I was very close to my Mum, we were best friends and it hurts so much to see her suffering with this horrible Alzheimer's Disease. So whether you're close or not it still doesn't help matters. She's your flesh and blood at the end of the day and you just want to do your best for them.

I'll stop going on now and go and read some more posts,
Best wishes,