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Hi All,

I', Jayell from Nottingham, and feel like a bit of a fraud calling myself a carer as my mother who has Altzheimers is still in her own house though I have to give out meds and do all the usual removing out of date/unsafe food jobs. At the moment the hardest thing is working out whats the Altzheimers and whats just Mum being the cantankerous so-and-so she's always been. It must be a frightening world to live in, but the sarcasm, moods , and barefaced aggression are still nasty to deal with. I mean, if being around someone with dementia instantly brought you out in boils or made your teeth fall out, no way would The 'powers that be' expect you to go back day after day. , oe would they...... Image
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Hi all, probably my first and last post as I did it in the wrong section, story of my life, 'oo I';ve got 3 mins spare can't just sit around', rush into the job and get it wrong. Not really a carer either as my mum who has Altzheimers lives in her own house, but things are getting worse and I need to give out meds and remind her to eat and take last nights forgotten dinner out of the oven (switched off-so far). We never were that close, and I have to say the Smiling Angel act that goes with caring for the elderly is not getting any easier, but at least I can have a damn good scream in the car going home!!
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Hi Jayell
Im a 'fraud' too! Am in exactly same position as you, father in law has dementia, lives in own home with daily carers. The dementia and his personality have made him non compliant (thats the posh way of saying refusing help)!, my husband and I do all that you do, washing, shopping etc, making no progress because of his refusal to everything. Yes our teeth have gone and we're covered in boils Image If they live with you or not or still have that responsibility and its very difficult.
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feel like a bit of a fraud calling myself a carer as my mother who has Altzheimers is still in her own house
Why Image You are a carer. Whether you live with the person or not. Simple as that.

Welcome to the forum. And posting in the wrong section is compulsory for all new members - we insist on it Image Image

Nice to see another fellow Nottingham person on the forum too. Means I can call you 'me duck' and talk about cobs and being mardy and you'll know what I mean.
Ah, now I know why my teeth have fallen out and I'm covered in boils, noncompliance Image . And my husband hasn't even got dementia Image. Drives you up the wall doesn't it Image .
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Hi and welcome.
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