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Ive just joined - Carers UK Forum

Ive just joined

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am trying to get a form to apply once again for attendance allowance for my husband 75 who is very disabled but has been refused AA and had appeal rejected. I have been advised to get help this time with filling in the form. He cannot fill it in himself but to put all the honest details in would offend him as he is still very proud in spite of being so dependent. The first form I sent I printed off and it printed all the info as well. A lot of paper and ink plus the worry that if it doesn't work the lot goes in the bin. The pdf has the option to choose to print just the form but in fact it does not work. How can I get a form? the phone line is no longer in use. I still have family who are young enough (or immature enough) to be a source of stress and worry rather than a help. My own health is suffering. Hi all I'm looking forward to getting to know you. mumangela
Hello Angela and welcome to the forum Image

You can either

(a) download the form, print it off, complete and post it
(b) complete in online (but remember to save a copy to your computer for future reference)
telephone for a copy to be sent in the post to you

see here
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Welcome Angela, I printed the form off from the online instructions and took it along to our local Age Concern (now Age UK I believe) and a very kind gentleman there spent a good two hours helping me to fill it in - Mum was awarded the full rate of Attendance Allowance just 4 weeks later Image
Hi Angela, I found welfare rights most helpful when we applied on our daughters behalf, I contacted social services for phone number, welfare rights came to our house twice, asked me questions and written it all down format wise, I have used them to reapply, best wishes and good luck........mand
Hi mumangela
Paper forms are available, ring 0845 712 3456 for tha AA team, based in Preston for England.

I'd advising ringing them ASAP, they will send you a form with the date you rang up on. You have a month or something from which to send form back.
NEVER try to fill these forms in yourself. I got mum's occupational therapist to help me; he very kindly spent two hours in his free time helping me. Or go to Age UK as already suggested.
I had exactly the same problem as you. Mum's very proud and will not even admit to her problems, nor was she even capable of properly understanding the form, let alone filling it in. I do not have power of attorney, hence getting the OT's help. He filled in most of it for me.

The biggest mistake people make when filling in these forms is describing a standard day/night rather than a worst case scenario, as carer's tend to downplay stuff themselves simply because the caree has a carer. He told me to imagine what would mum be like if she was living on her own with no one to look after her.
I thought of all the times I'd prevented her from falling; she'd have broken her hips, or neck, by now if I hadn't been there to catch her, etc.
Her appetite was non-existent when she left hospital. I devised all sorts of tricks to get her to slowly but surely increase her appetite; she'd have starved to death otherwise, and I'm not exaggerating.
You get the general idea. This 'pretend' exercise is something I'd never done before. We too can get into our heads the caree is doing better than they actually are, simply because we're there to prevent it happening in the first place; and inadvertently fill our forms in accordingly.
This is why you must get professional help filling it in.
Finally, spend a few bob on photocopying completed form for your own records. And go to post office to send it back, don't just shove it in a letterbox.And ask for a Certificate of Posting at post office. This is free, and is your proof of sending it off. Better still, pay 95p for recorded delivery. I did. It took about 3 weeks to get approval, and it was back-dated to when mum left hospital.
I hope the above is of use to you.
Good luck. x
P.S. I've just rang the number I gave you, just to double check it still exists. It does; it's the DLA and AA helpline for the DWP. They'll send a form out immediately according to nice lady I spoke to. You where given the wrong info.
Warm welcome from me too!

Bell x
Yes I agree with everyone get someone official to help you fill the forms in (we had help from FLAG/signpost and welfare rights. We also informed all parties involved with my wife that we were doing this so that they were prepared for anyone contacting them as well
Hello Angela - welcome to the forum - hope the application is successful xx