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Hello, I am a new member, I started looking after mum (82) 2 years ago but then I was working full time, I have recently given up my job voluntarily to take care of mum full time as she has detiorated quite a lot from 2 years ago. Would I still be able to claim Carer's Allowance and would I get help with my mortgage too? I think I may need a benefits adviser as I have never claimed before, but I don't know where to start?? I am 52 & my hubby is 60 he has lost his job also last week! Please someone help, thanks Gill
Hello Gillian and welcome to the forum.

I'm splitting your post and giving you a thread all of your very own Image so that more people will see it and be able to offer you advice; but in the meantime a good place to start for advice is Carers UK's very own Adviceline the details of how to contact them can be found on the home page of the main website Image
hi and welcome
Hi and welcome Image
Welcome to the forum Gillian
Benefits can be a minefield, they are so complex. I would second susies recommendation and contact Carers UK s adviceline
Hi Gillian,
I gave up work to become mum's carer. I handed my notice in and saw someone at the job centre and told them that I was going to become mum's carer and what could they tell me about what I should do next.

I had been going to ask them if I could be mum's carer but was told by someone in authority to go in and say this is what I am going to do, instead of asking their permission.

Good luck with everything and if you have any problems with the stages you face there will be bound to be others here who will have gone through it and be able to help you.
Everyone has been so supportive with a recent crisis I've had and I'm still fairly new myself.