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Uncaring Government!! - Carers UK Forum

Uncaring Government!!

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I joined this site a while ago, but have not had much time to be back on, as the person who I care for has been very ill. We have had the community team in and out day and night, and it's been very very hard work.. So much so that I forgot loads of things I needed to get done, and had a little time off my little part time job too, which I need to keep me sane!!!! I have also ended up making myself ill, but I have to carry on.. It's extremely disheartening as I have also recently been told that my application for Direct Payments has been declined!!! Fantastic.. Image

How on Earth can this Government say 'We are ALL in it together'. They should try and live our lifes as carers for a while, and just a day or week... I mean day in, day out week after week, month after month, year after year.. I have done this for over 21 years and it does not get any easier..

They sit there on there perchs in there castles and mansions and tell us that 'We are ALL in it together'.. What they mean is ' I'm alright Jack' . They are a bunch of toffee nosed Eton boys sat on there Millions while the rest of try and plod on and somehow survive.

Sorry for the rant guys... I'm getting to the end of my tether again Image
Totally agree Mr Tired Carer.....My hubby came out of hospital last week...he was having antibiotics intravenous was aloud to come home if some one could continue giving him his antibiotics...our daughter had some training to do this but could not do it 3times a day as was required....so we asked if a district nurse could come and administer the drug,,,the answer was because we are in the county and not in the city was NO!! "BUT" The district nurse could come and change the dressing and then take the MID LINE OUT!!! There is just no community support for after care!!! We agree home care is better for the patient and cheaper but we need the support!!! So it's time the government got their act together and realised that charity begins at home!!! Rant over Image

Eve x
That is so difficult.. Caring for some one at home is better for them and cheaper... However, when you need the support of the district nurses and the community team, they are so pushed and under pressure due to the cutbacks. There are not enough of them to do a proper job, let alone due it well. At least the nurses on the district are still allowed to 'nurse' unlike in the hospitals.. They are just administrators now with uni degrees and no actual 'nursing' experience on the wards before they are thrown in to be 'nurses'....

Sorry, had to have another rant there Image
I couldn't agree more with your comments. I've been a carer for 33 years, supporting up to five relatives all with highest DLA care, all at the same time, although not all living with me. That's now more than half my life. I don't think anyone has any idea whatsoever about how tough it can be.