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Introduction - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I joined the Carers UK forum the other day, and so I am here just starting off.
I was a carer for a friend with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Motor Neurone Disease in the UK) for over 6 years, and have been a carer for another 9 years for my mum who has some type of Dementia , but compounded by trauma. As my mum is getting very poorly no, I am feeling more and more scared, despite everything possible being done for her.

From 1996 to 2002, I did research on ALS and recently qualified in Medical Science. I also included Alzheimer's in my recent research.

I am looking for some molecules which might stop both of these horrendous illnesses.

At the moment, I am feeling isolated and very anxious about the limitations which our Science put on us, and the frustration of not being able to cure and heal people who have serious illnesses of the nervous system.

Hi Nefer,

Welcome to the forum.Look forward to getting to know you.

hello nefer ,
i too am a newcomer to this forum but have been warmly welcomed so good too hear from you and perhaps well talk later
Hi Nefer nice to hear from someone local, hope you keep on plugging and maybe one day come up with some answers, at the moment there does not seem to be any answers so we just get on with things, but know what you mean about feeling isolated until this happens to you just can not imagine what people are goring thro, I am 80 and am finding it very frustrating and a very lonely life, caring for my husband of 82 after stroke, keep smiling is what people say to me but it is very hard.