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Hi, I'm Freda, 61 years old, and carer for my hubby Alex. He has had 2 hip replacement surgeries but still struggles with his personal care, standing up, sitting down, getting in and out of car and various other things. He works 31 hours a week as a support worker for a gentleman with learning disabilities. Gets on my nerves how many people accuse us of cheating the system. They reckon if he can work he can't be entitled to his lower rate PIP or carer's allowance. The don't understand that he can't tie his own shoelaces, put on his own socks etc yet can do all of this for his client. I sometimes think I'm speaking a different language.

We were awarded Carer's allowance a couple of years ago but didn't actually get it because I was in receipt of ESA. I am now one of the victims of the system and my ESA was stopped cold on 2nd April because I was judged as fit to work by one of those assessment things. I immediately applied for the carer's allowance and am still waiting. Apparently they needed a full form filled in again and didn't tell me that till sent me a letter on 12th. Have now sorted it out but still waiting on the money/decision.

Anyway that's me.
Hi Freda, welcome to the forum. Click on the help and advice tab, there you will find details of how to contact our adviceline, phone lines do get busy so please be patient, alternatively you can email the advice team in confidence.