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H my name is Joyce.I am giving up work on the 8th of July to become my brothers carer My brother Raymond is a double amputee who has type 2 diabetes .He is 70 years old and lately he hasn't been looking after himself He went into a diabetic comma and ended up in hospital He is now home and is having carers in till I finish my full time job and take over. I am worrying about what benefits I will be able to receive as people are telling me different things can somebody please tell me what benefits are available an what is the best way to go . Thankyou
Hello Joyce and welcome to the forum :)

Best advice I can give you is to contact the Carers UK Adviceline - contact details are here

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... line-24228
Thank you will do .
Are you SURE that you want to care for him, whatever happens, until the end of his life? It's a big question. So many people here became carers at a crisis point, and bitterly regretted it for years. Have you investigated the alternatives? At very least he should have had an assessment done before leaving hospital, and care arranged for him, and you should also have a Carers Assessment from Social Services.
Please do ensure you keep (some of) the carers! You will need breaks, both daily, and also for complete 'get-aways' from time to time. Caring is wearing - there is no other way to describe it, and what we can do 'for a while' becomes exhausting (both body and spirit) when it is 'endless' (or even 'indefinite')

It's great that you want to look after your brother, but it is also a question of what he NEEDS. Presumably, as a double amputee his mobility is highly restricted (is it connected to the diabetes, as from what little I know, I believe that loss of circulation to limbs (is that the cause?) because of the disease can, grimly, cause amputation to be necessary). I'm going to be blunt, not to be 'harsh' but because these are grave issues you do need to think ahead to - but what is his life expectancy likely to be (I mean, assuming 'avoidable' things like diabetic comas).

I say this because, again, if his life expectancy is not that long, then yes, you can very likely 'see him out' as I'm sure both of you would like to happen. But, if his life expectancy could be years and years and years, then that may well be a quite different issue.

Whatever you do, though, you must allow for breaks for yourself - and maybe even for him!

Wishing you as well as may be, in a difficult situation, kind regards, Jenny
Joyce, it's difficult to be precise about benefits without information about your age, and what your brother claims, because the two are linked.
Your brother should be receiving either Disability Living Allowance (if he was disabled before he drew his pension); or PIP (Personal Independence Payment); or Attendance Allowance. These benefits are very similar. If he is claiming one of these, and you are under pension age, then you should be entitled to Carers Allowance.

Depending on your savings, you might be entitled to various "top ups". Before you start caring for your brother, make sure you have a Carers Assessment, to see what support you will be entitled to. I would also strongly suggest that you make absolutely certain that he has written a will and signed a Power of Attorney in your favour. This will be a real help in dealing with all concerned with his care, but it takes 3 months to register now, so must be done in advance of being needed.

Also think carefully about how you will manage practical issues at his house. Will you have a room of your own? Does he have a washer/dryer, dishwasher? It's so important to streamline everything as much as possible when you are a full time carer.