Yes, you are right charles47 - other people are not on his radar, at least not in the normal way. He is very pleased when he is made a big fuss of, and is attention-seeking constantly, retelling stories of professional triumphs etc. He can remember the names of people he went to primary school with, and everyone he ever worked with or was associated with, he can recite reams of poetry, but he really has no idea of who my sister,brother and I really are, what we are interested in, what our feelings are.If you try to tell him, he immediately twists it into a story about him. But we are used to this now.
Bath-wise - well, when I was growing up the norm was more the "Saturday night bath" - I only started bathing daily when I was in my teens, that was my decision as I perceived it was better hygiene. Certainly people in the rural areas Dad grew up in(his father was a country schol headmaster) would have bathed once a week. I am flat out getting him to bath once a fortnight now. It is too much effort to him, and he doesn't recognise that he may cause offence to others, certainly not to his family - however if he pays a visit to the nice lady across the road, or if his doctor is calling, then he will bathe. It's like family don't matter.