If he doesn't wash soon can I have him airlifted to a lake ?

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Thanks all for the advice and tips. A miracle actually happened today. Took him his tablets at 8, told him again he needed to wash, and also said our daughter had commented on the state his feet. At 11.15 he came down, not only with clean feet, but deodorant on too !!! Yippeee!!
It probably won't suit everyone but that is why I don't have someone come in to wash & bath my husband. I try to wait till he is either in the bathroom or the right mood for these things. Getting him to clean his teeth is the worst thing or even him letting me help him is difficult.
Hi sillybugger - I was so pleased to read your post, as this is my current problem (he hasn't properly washed for more than a week, and I couldn't even stand the smell before then!!!) So can we take all three of them (including daylily's), hire a helicopter and airlift them all to the lake? Image Though I am glad your man has done something about his feet for your sake, honestly, it makes me so angry/sad that you have to put up with this. But I know what it's like - it's really not easy and so I sympathise.... J x Image
Oh wow, I'm not alone in this !!
Hubby needs reminding about changing his clothes, washing his hear, showers etc. I get offended because I always take pride in my appearence and won't go out if I'm not clean and tidy, yet my husband isn't bothered. It is good to hear other people have the same problem.
My brother has chronic back pain and was just like that. His wife eventually had enough and left. Funny but now he seems capable of washing, dressing and caring for himself. Im not suggesting that you leave, but i do think that he's playing with your emotions.