Non-English speaking dementia patient

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A former colleague of mine, Spanish with excellent English, cares for her mother at home in North London and works a full time job. The mother does not speak any English and relies heavily on her daughter. The daughter has very limited life for herself outside of working and caring. The daughter is in her 40s, single and needs her own life.

Together, we are exploring a range of options, which at the extreme would be sending the mother home to Spain to stay with a relative with frequent visit from the finding Spanish speaking day care, if the mother would accept this.

Would welcome thoughts on other options please. Might the Spanish embassy be a place to contact?

Thanks for any help and considerations.

I had a colleague who's mother was Hungarian and had Alzheimer's and they had a Hungarian au pair staying with the Mum. This was quite some time ago and my knowledge of the illness then was very limited, but I am guessing she must have been in the early stages as the au pair mainly made her light meals and made sure she took medication, nothing too heavy on the caring front. I think they got her through an au pair agency, who found someone who wanted the au pair experience without the looking after small children part!

I also wonder whether there are any Spanish speaking community groups in their area? That might be somewhere to start looking for carers?
Hi Richard,

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I was going to suggest the same thing as Sally. I understand that there are many Spanish au pairs in the UK now.

As your colleague is London based, it may be attractive to an au pair to have free accommodation while combining their studies here. There are specialist agencies for this but also have a look on gumtree or aupair world.

It may also be worth your colleague asking her local branch of Alzheimers UK or Age UK if they have any Spanish speakers on their books (in London a distinct possibility)
Facebook also has a Spanish au pair group based in London - might be asking them if they know anyone?

Obviously your colleague would have to interview, take up references etc but may be worth a try.

Good luck, Anne