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I need help

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
And again thank you everyone for taking your time to help me and advice me.
It was my dad's 81 Birthday on Saturday. I couldn't sadly get to see him Image , but i sent him a picture of the 2 of us taken when i took him out for Fathers day, and a poem i wrote, i framed them together. He was over the moon. Please let me share the poem i wrote for him with all you lovely people Image


When I was born I was your little girl, you held me in your enormous hand.
Grabbing hold of your huge fingers, you taught me how to stand.
I’ve always been your blue eyed girl, I could never do anything wrong.
And when I fell and scrapped my knee, you showed me how to be strong.
I’d help you clean the fish ponds and tend the vegetable patch.
You’d cast my blob-line in the ocean and I’d wait for something to catch.
As I started growing up, you taught me how to dive and swim.
And swim I did, like a fish and the competitions I did win.
I followed you in your naval love and joined the Sea Cadet Corps.
I relished every life changing moment and never was it a chore.
During my teens you never complained when ‘dad’s taxi’ was constantly on call.
No matter the location day or night, I certainly had some gall!
Throughout my life you have always been there, never far away.
Always knowing should I need you, you’d be there the very same day.
Everyone speaks exceptionally high of you and that makes me so very glad.
As I’ve always tried to make you proud, because I’m so proud you’re my dad.

Thanks everyone again

That's beautiful, brought tears to my eyes as I remembered dad and I doing similar things too.
i found the organisation, crossroads, extremely good. when they first got involved with visiting my mum, i introduced the lady as one of my friends who liked to visit people, and have a chat. my mum, a little reluctantly, accepted this and gradually they did build up a friendship. it was an enourmous help to me to know that somebody was going in for an hour or two, just to sit and chat to my mum, keep her company, make her a cup of tea and a sandwich. sometimes just watch tv with her.
There maybe a branch in your area. why don't you give it a try.
Tricky issues, and some very powerful posts.
My own parents have a combined age of 183, support each other to some extent, and are becoming increasingly frail and unreasonable - my older sister who is the nearest to them is becoming increasingly frustrated by their intransigence. But at least they have their affairs in order and we can share the care out a bit between six siblings.
My tuppenyworth: Not to make a will and power of attorney is totally unacceptable. It places your children and loved ones in an impossible position and creates a huge workload when they pass on. Personally I would refuse to provide any care whatsoever except the absolute basic minimum to a parent who was so inconsiderate as not to consider the impact of leaving a financial mess behind - a mess which can cost a lot of money and work to sort out.
Lovely poem Jo xx