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I need help - Carers UK Forum

I need help

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Image Image Hi all,
Ive been chatting in a chat room on the carers.org site,but s all gone now. Image Image Image
The site doesnt exist for me to get on.Its nothing to do with hallowen is it!!!I sent an email to the moderator,nad the letter came back as unsent.I new on this site and dont want ot meet another ghost that shuts the site down.Its not funny,i really enjoyed the site but now its all gone gone gone
take care Ian Image
Hi Ian,

Do you mean the Princess Royal site? If so, it seems to have had problems all weekend.I was asked to check it out for someone else and the page that comes up says the following...

Notice: This domain name expired on 10/07/07 and is pending renewal or deletion

Hopefully, when someone returns to work tomorrow they will deal with it.In the meantime if there is anything that we can help you with just ask.

Hi Rosemary,
Many thanks for the reply,i just thought i was going nutzz.I joined the chatroom last monday i think and and have been in contact with other carers all week.The Princess royal trust site,just went misssing when i tried friday.I thought it was my computer,so i wiped the drive and started reinstalling.I done all that and still no luck!!!!

At least i know other people were having problems too in getting on the site.Im finding the jobcentre plus all secretive!!!! I asked 2 job centre plus offices in my area, if they had an income support book to read.In 2003--you could pick one up 10 a penny from the shelves,but not now.
The Elgin branch told me its available as a download in pdf form.I cant fathom the ukgov.com site at all its all confusing,then you have the uk government bragging all these benefits r unclaimed!!!!Access to info is still poor and welfare officers r few and far between.i think people and carers should have a review of there benefits every few years,I.e. long term sick.
Mnay thanks ian
Hello Ian

Welcome to the forum!

I know that many sites/forums were down for a few days, hopefully it will be up and running in no time for you! Glad to have you here aswell.

Take care
Maryann x
Hi everyone,
Many thanks for the reply about the princess trust site being down,it was really appreciated.
I have in fo to benefit your members,this info is open to abuse,says the electric board.its a scheme newly set up and has not been publicised much.They r for people on income supprt
and struggle to make payments ,heres the number. You can apply by ringing our Careline on 0800 622 838, We are open from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

This offer is on top of the savings you get by paying by direct debit.Our special package, energyplus Care, offers extra benefits for our priority customers. The package is available to existing customers of Scottish Hydro Electric who are worried about being cold because of acute poor housing, health and income.

What this package offers
- Qualifying customers receive up to 20% discount on their current fuel prices, regardless of which payment method they use.
- Free energy efficiency advice to help save even more money on future bills.
- Free energy efficiency measures, from low energy light bulbs to a free fridge or a discounted fridge/freezer.
- Free benefit entitlement check

Who is eligible?
You may qualify for energyplus Care if you spend over 10% of your total household income on your energy bills. We will assess your eligibility using a simple questionnaire which we will complete either over the phone or in person. The key questionnaire categories are based on:

- Your home and how energy efficient it is
- Your annual fuel costs
- Your total household income
- Other special needs

Its means tested ,i flew past with flying colours,and now enjoy 20% off my quarterly bills for the next 2 yrs.After that period i will get a review,thats on top of the £70 per year for paying by direct debit..
This could help other carers in my position,who struggle to by being an unpaid carer. It truly is electrifying.This company is part of southern electric as well that runs the scheme.
Hope i havent been too boring !!!!!
Many thanks Ian