I'm new to online support I'm only 27 no support at centre now I've moved to adult

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hey guys

New man is speaking to me just but is in vegas and has txt me I miss him. (Keep u updated)

We have jus got a letter to say my sister is now getting housing benefit and I pay the top up because we are in private rented and HB doesnt cover .. we live in a private estate all detached so it's nice and sister is 'safe' here

SS Also sorting direct payments out from yesterday paper work and everything done jus waiting on money into account

I'm much happier at work .. seem to be getting everything sorted

Thanks for the post guys
It's really helped me
Becky - that's great.:) Glad you sound so upbeat!

Hope you have a nice belated Valentines Day Celebration when your man comes home!

Maybe next time you can get a trip to Las Vegas with him??!!!

All best, cheers, Jenny
Ps - hope your man brings you back a REALLY tacky pressy from LV!!!! ( I don't think LV can do anything but tacky can it ha ha??!)

No gift from LV but I hug and cheeky kiss which is better than anything due to me been so busy and the fact I'm off to Africa on Monday for work he came to see me yesterday xx

He keeping me going

In the family note I met my mum on Monday and she brought her wedding forward because she thinks I will accept her bf more and everything wil sort out

I don't think so
Your mum sounds a complete dreamer. However she is now someone else's responsibility. Enjoy Africa, what a wonderful experience. Tell us more when you get back.