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I'm new to online support I'm only 27 no support at centre now I've moved to adult - Carers UK Forum

I'm new to online support I'm only 27 no support at centre now I've moved to adult

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hey guys no idea how this works

But I'm really struggling ... so much so I'm crying at this moment
Hello Becky. Welcome to the forum.
Can you tell us something of your situation. Someone will be able to guide you. We are all friendly, all have difficulties, or have been through very emotional times.
Deep breath xx
Hi Becky, welcome to the forum. Am I right in thinking that you have been a young carer? Would you like to tell us a bit more about who you are caring for, a parent? Did you know that you CANNOT be forced to care? It took me until Iwas 60 years old, with counselling, to realise it was OK to say "No" to mum! I became a carer at 27, a botched delivery left my son brain damaged, he's now 37. I've also cared for 4 elderly parents, all now passed away. So whilst I'm a lot older than you, I've had many experiences as a carer. Amongst us all, someone will have met teh same problems you are facing, so tell us a bit more, and we will say how we manged to deal with it. Then it's up to you to work out what might suit your situation best.
Hello Becky, and welcome to the forum from me, too.

How are things this morning?

I think all of us here know that dreadful 'Midnight Bad Place' that hits us late at night when everything seems more and more difficult, and more and more hopeless.

If you can tell us a little more about what the difficulties are for you, maybe the cumulative experience here will help you find a better way forward.

Plus, there are the team of experts at the Carers UK helpline (or email) on hand as well.

Hoping things look a little less bleak this morning.

Looking forward to hearing from you. You don't have to write a long post, just a couple of lines, and we can build on it from there.

:) :)

Kind regards for now, Jenny

PS - Most of us here are a good bit older than you, and very 'Mumsy'! :) (Think of us as a bunch of kindly aunties maybe!!! :) :) ) (And a couple of cheerful uncles too!)

PPS - and we ALL know what it's like to be reduced to tears by worry and stress about caring.
Hi Becky, just wanted to add to what the others have said, you're not alone, we know what you're feeling like. I don't know if that helps at all, but it does mean that if you need to cry or yell or rant or complain how unfair it all is, we totally understand and it doesn't mean you don't love or want to do your best for the person you care for, it's just being human.
Hello Becky, welcome to the forum.

Most of us have probably been feeling the same things you're going through, I was a youngish carer when i first started at the age of 15. So much pressure gets put on our shoulders especially around this time of year.
I don't know enough to comment fully and advise for the best but here you not alone.. We all know how hard it can be and so do it solo is very hard, i must admit i basically did everything until a year and half ago..
On a plus side there is help out there for you, you just need to know where to look.
The forum is filled with all kinds of advice and ways to deal with things most carers come across during their caring role. the helpline is always a great place to ask more detailed questions if you need too.

Best wishes S
Hi guys

Merry Christmas to you all and who u guys care for :)

THANKYOU ... for your kind words I've just come off the off the phone At 11:00pm at night from duty social worker .. I cant cope with life .. ATM .. last night I walked away .. and stayed in hotel I've only come home tonight because it's Christmas I. Feel it's all my fault

Don't wanna continue anymore
Ps !

I've calmed down and help are on way :)

If anyone on here prays please pray for me xx
Bless you.
So pleased to hear you have some help.
Please keep in touch. We are all here for each other on the forum, and very much want to include you. ((( HUGS)))
Hi Becky,
glad you got back in touch with us.

Hope social were able to provide support.

Keep in touch,