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reviewing situation j/c

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hi I'm new here ,my partner and I are on income support and he is my carer,we have been on benefit for approx.5/6 months and have been called into the j/c for an interview to review the situation ,nothing has changed and we phoned to ask if this was necessary and she said it was and that we will have to go in every 6 months .my condition is chronic and not going to change only get worse .is this normal procedure please ?
Are you receiving any disability benefts, DLA, PIP, or Attendance Allowance? Is your partner claiming Carers Allowance?
we are on income support ,I get pip and my partner gets carers allowance
My wife and I have had the exact same thing. I went along and found that the meeting is just as much for your benefit as it is theirs. Providing the person you meet is as nice as our guy that is. He wanted to know how they could help get me back to work. ( I care for my wife full time and have 2 kids) when I explained it all and said yes please do help me go back to work.... He saw that work was not an option for me in this situation and said sorry we can't help carry on with the I come support.
I wouldn't worry about it too much if you just be honest with them they tend to be fine.
Hope that helps
thank you
If you are on Carers Allowance they cannot force you to look for work, but many people working for the DWP don't seem to be fully aware of this. If you have any trouble, ring or email the Carers UK helpline who will be able to give you full details.
i had no idea of that either. i just got lucky that i had understanding people to talk to i guess.
thanks for the info
thank you ..I thought that was the case but wasn't 100% sure ,we went again today and had to give all our details again ,including my medical conditions ect .it was very stressful for me ,when I queried that we had already given all this information in detail on our first visit the lady dealing with us said well there is a blank screen here so I have no details ,it was the same person and I could even remember having to spell words for her of my condition ,so we went along with it .but I was extremely stressed when we came home.i will give a call to the carers line .many thanks again .
Glad to hear you managed to sort it, although I'm upset to hear it caused so much stress. I know from experience that with my wife's condition if it's too stressful for her, she really suffers with the anxiety side of being disabled.
Hope all is well
thank you