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I'm new here too - Carers UK Forum

I'm new here too

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everyone, Im a long time carer bur this is the first time Ive discovered there is a forum, Ive never had a carers assessment, we dont have a social worker, and my husbands needs have increased very very dramatically over the past 13 years.
He started off with a heart bye pass, then a stroke, then another stroke, then pneumonia, thenkidney failure. HE doesnt mind me saying this...I asked him before typing it. He said if it helps someone he is glad to try to do anything he can.
He is coping, and so am I. Its difficult. Things got very bad earlier this year when my mum died. Best not to go that route yet...bit upsetting still.
Carers assoc helped me out. I have no family except a disabled sister who lives in Yorkshire.
My other sister is suffering Parkinsons disease. I have no outside help at all.
I often feel alone in the world, and now my husband has developed early onset dementia/alzeimers. (tests being done).
Some days he is away with the fairies. At first he didnt realise and that was annoying but now he does realise its worse still, he gets so depressed about it.
Carers assoc helped me to visit my family, and go to mums funeral. I owe them a big thank you.
Its getting harder and harder to cope, but somehow we do manage and we keep going. I hope others read this and feel they can trust carers assoc with their info and know they will get any help they can offer. Its good they are there.
Hi Joan, welcome to the forum. Please get in touch with Social Services, and ask them for a needs assessment for your husband, and a Carer's Assessment for yourself. You don't have to struggle on your own, they should be helping you in various ways.
hi Joan a big warm welcome
Look at home page of carers UK they have a carers advice helpline - 0800 808 7777 that will help you also near the top page there is a link entitled help with money look in there Is there a carers support near you? if so call them Look at The NHS site and as mentioned social services bit surprised your doctor hasn’t got you more help though coffeex
Hello and welcome. You really do need to get a Social Worker and have a carers assessment done as soon as you can.
You are never alone on here, we are all here to help and sometimes, just listen.
hi welcome to forum