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I'm new to CarersUK. - Carers UK Forum

I'm new to CarersUK.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all,

I'm 46 years old and care for my partner Anne who is wheelchair bound with Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia. I'm a keen gardener and photographer in my spare time. Our garden has been created with raised beds so that Anne can also join in and plant/deadhead etc. This has recently spread to an allotment where I grow our own fruit and veg, make preserves, wines etc.

Hi Steve and welcome Image
Hello and welcome

An allotment wow the waiting list are really long round here. I have to make do with a veg plot in the garden Image
Hello, Steve.

Not sure if we have many keen gardeners here. The place is packed full of Carers of course ! Its good to have you here Image As I am sure you know, we have a reputation for being a friendly lot here, always happy to offer support and a listening ear when needed. Not too sure about gardening advice though.... best stick with Gardeners' Question Time !

Oh I hope you can find a decent horticultural course that you can access. I'm no gardener but all the keen gardeners I have ever known have been really good 'balanced' people. It must be good for you I guess !

Thanks for introducing yourself. Hope things are reasonably ok for you and for Anne right now. Please make yourself at home, Steve. Its always good to have new people drop by Image

Best wishes,

Hi and welcome.Hope you find the Forum useful and fun.Nice first post,you seem to be pretty positive about things and it`s nice to read about activities taking place with the person you care for.Care is so much more than dealing with personal needs,and activities make such a difference to a person. Image Image Image Image Image
Hi Steve
Welcome to the Forum.
Loads of advice and chat here.
As a keen gardener dont suppose you know why my bamboo looks half dead?!!
Hi Steve

Welcome to the forum, I am new here too, and have to say that I have had an AMAZING amount of support already. Its almost like finding a new home Image

Look forward to getting to know you

Take Care
A warm welcome from me too Steve. You saying about the raised beds in the garden reminded me of how my Mum, after I had been pushing her round the shops for hours used to come home and say "I think I will go and do some gardening now" Image I knew I was in for a long night as mum would sit in her wheelchair giving instructions! "just cut that bus back"....that bush was about 10 feet tall and I'm 4'11"!

Anyway, I guess I'm the resident rambler...so I'll just say Hello and nice to meet you!

Bell x
Hi Steve,
I have a half acre garden, with a veg. patch. After my husband died, and I was disabled in a car accident, my son and his partner moved in with me. Eldest son Paul is a Land Rover nut and didn't want me to move as he would lose his workshop! Now Paul does the hard work, cutting hedges etc., youngest son Matthew with learning difficulties cuts the grass with his garden tractor when he comes home, and Paul's partner runs an organic veg. patch. Matt's day centre has wonderful walled gardens, and now he spends most of his week in the gardens there. He always loved helping my late husband with the veg. garden, if we'd been away for the weekend they'd always check how the veg was doing before they came into the house! After two knee replacements, I can at last walk better, and do some flower gardening. Unable to kneel any more, we have done away with all the flower borders and built a patio instead. I love hanging baskets, geraniums, fuchsias etc. To save money I take most of my own cuttings. I just tear bits of a parent plant and put them round the edge of a large pot. It sounds a bit basic but seems to work. On the south coast, we generally have short winters. Some cuttings I took in January are growing away well in our south facing conservatory. It's unheated but has hit 25 degrees on a few times already. A friend just dropped in 3 hydrangeas from his garden today, 6 feet tall!!! We all find gardening therapeutic.
Hi Steve
As a keen gardener dont suppose you know why my bamboo looks half dead?!!
May I suggest two options? It could just be that normal winter semi-deciduous thin and tired look that bamboo seems to get this time of year, or it could be parched by draught. Either way, leave it till May and see how it gets on.