I have a carer that doesn't care for me

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Hi I was hoping somebody could help me and give me some advice on what to do.
in January 2017 a friend I've known a long time offered to be my carer as I have severe anxiety severe depression bipolar and a personality disorder this affects my everyday to day lifestyle therefore I did/do need a carer to help me do things like shopping opening my mail dealing with my bills and just all round budgeting my money so I don't get into debt or any more debt this is something I've had a problem with for some time. This friend/ carer hasn't been to see me or being in touch with for over 2 months now and Has still receive Carer's Allowance weekly for caring for me.
I don't really like talking on the phone so I was hoping that somebody could give me some advice on this as I don't know what to do thank you
kind regards
Tell the DWP or whoever pays out Carers Allowance that you no longer have this individual as your carer, and to stop the Carers Allowance payment.

They are committing theft, in all but name (and possibly in law!), so once you tell the officials they are NOT your carer, the allowance must stop.

Expect, however, that the moment you do so, your 'carer' (ie, 'thief') will suddenly turn up. Have they got a key to your flat/house? Get the locks changed ASAP if so. Plus put a bolt on the inside of the door so they can't get in, or just barricade the door perhaps.

This person is stealing from the state, it's as simple as that.

All the best to you.

PS - if you don't want to phone the DWP, then write a letter - that might be better, too, as it's then 'on record'. Keep a copy of the letter if you can. Or simply email the DWP if you have email access.
Completely agree with all the above. If you still need a carer tell Social Services and ask them to provide you with care via an agency. Even if you are self funded and pay for your own care they will be able to help you. If you go through an agency all staff are vetted and will turn up, they have to keep a written log of all the hep they provide. They can do things like shopping, writing letters on your behalf , admin that you need aswell as companionship and personal care.