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new to 24/7 caring

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Mother needing full-time care since D/C from hospital on Monday, will hopefully gradually need less as I need to go back to work soon. Looking into support my mother can have when I'm in work. A lot to learn and find out about. New to this website - lots of good info but not sure how it all works with connecting with others etc. Look forward to hearing from a few of you.
Hi KerryA and welcome.
Click on the red help and advice button at the top of the page and follow the links to see what's there that helps. (Not all of it will).
Look out for these important things you should get in place if you don't know about them already. If you can't find out or need further info just ask us. When we understand what you don't know then we can help more. Lots of us have gone through/are presently going through the difficulties of elderly parents.
Attendance allowance.
Adult Social Services Needs Assessment and Carer's Assessment.
Power of Attorney.
Occupational Therapist.
Continence Nurse or clinic.

One thing you need to take on board is that even if looking after Mum gets a little easier in the short term, it WILL get harder and harder and you need to have help in place.
Thanks Elaine
Hi Kerry
This is a link about hospital discharge
https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... f-hospital
as I'm a bit concerned nothing has been set up.
Hope it helps
Kerry, try to think of yourself as care manager, not provider. Arrange all the care mum needs via Social Services, so you can maintain your mother/daughter relationship. Make sure mum understands that you are in control now, it's not about what mum wants, it's about what mum needs.
Streamline the house as much as possible to reduce the workload. Bin old magazines, papers etc., get a tumble dryer or washer dryer so care staff can do it all, get a dishwasher. Arrange a cleaner once a week. Flatten the garden borders. Put away the nick nacks that gather dust.
If mum needs a lot of care either she agrees to help you to help her, or she needs to consider residential care.

Can I ask what is the matter with mum? Did the hospital arrange a proper care plan before she left hospital? Have you got all the aids you need to help her?