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I can't do this!!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Lizzie thanks for your reply. I have been getting support from someone at the Carers Trust - I have been able to call him whenever I've needed someone to talk to and he has kept on regular contact with me - checking up on how I'm doing. Thanks too for the names of the organisations to contact regarding my anxiety - I've had a quick look at their websites this evening but will take some time tomorrow to see what they can offer - I've been anxious for so long I've found ways to adapt my life even though some things I find impossible to do - it's at times like this it just goes through the roof and everything becomes difficult.
Before I started to get a little life experience and so henceforth a little much needed wisdom, I would have weighed in on here with an angry opinionated venal reply about how your mum is an arrogant so-and-so and to give her a piece of your mind. If only life were so easy! Unfortunately, life is complicated, people are often painfully complicated and it's all infinite shades of grey.

She is obviously hurting quite deeply, and when people hurt, we tend to lash out, and old age, experience and a long life is no guarantee that someone may act with decorum. But, if you don't get help here, you'll both be angry, hurting and resentful, and eventually something will give, an angry argument, a swear filled rant, nasty and deeply hurtful comments and this will highly likely help no one. What's needed is a professional approach, with a strong nod towards compassion, but the solution is also about balance. You also have needs. We all do. You cannot be a self appointed martyr nor a suffering saint, we have to live in the real world generally. You cannot take the weight of all this on your shoulders.

Prayer helps here. The wisdom of God is infinite! I'm going through something similar, but not the same, and by asking God into my quite severe stress, and feelings of running away, some peace has entered the situation.