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my son has recently moved into an independant living project and the cost for this is £2000 per week, which is being met by the local authority. this cost horrifies me as during my time as his carer i received around £50 per week. i feel strongly that the financial help offered to cares is outrageous and that we should at least receive what is equal to minimum wage. i would like to start a campaign for this. any comments or ideas would be appreciated.
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Hi rayray, welcome to the forum.
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Hi rayray,

You may be interested in Carers UK's Short Change campaign http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaigns/Shortchanged

We've been lobbying the government about the need for radical reform of carers' benefits which are not fit for the 21st century. The £53.10 a week Carer's Allowance is a disgrace.

The government promised a review of carer benefits but we still do not have a timetable. Earlier in the year we joined carers in their lobby of Parliament.

Carers UK members are seeking carers benefits to be paid at the level of the minimum wage as their long term objective, but in the short term are focusing on forcing the government to conduct its review and get the changes outlined in the Short Change campaign.
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hia everybody and thanx for the welcome!!! yes i am interested in the shortchange campaign and will look into it now!!!
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