These actions are necessary as soon as you are aware of the condition as, when the time comes, and financial assessments are made to find out who should bear the cost of Care, only the Dementia Sufferer’s finances can be scrutinised and taken into account.

1. See a solicitor and obtain a Power of Attorney.
2. Put your house into Trust or hand it over to your heirs as should anything untoward happen to you, the Carer, somewhere along the line, the house can not be sold by the Local Authority to pay for care. (I think there is a 5 year clause in this which you should confirm with your solicitor.)

2. If you have a joint account take the Power of Attorney to the bank and transfer the main monies to the account of the Carer. Open a new account for the person with Dementia with a minimal amount. (Pensions and Allowances of the person with Dementia should be paid into this account.)

These actions will safeguard the inheritance of your children/ heirs.