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I am new - Carers UK Forum

I am new

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello, My name is katrina. I am new to the forum. I care for my husband who has Motor Nuerone Disease. I am not new to caring as I have cared for family members in the past.
This time though its all on me, no family members to help. still plenty to judge me though.
I work well in a crises so initially I just went into care, assist and seek help mode.Now the isolation has set in, noone visits anymore, everyone says 'let me know if I can help'. If I gave them a list of how to help they would run a mile. Well you can help, just pop round for coffee and a chat, so what if all I have to talk about is how many times my husband fell over yesterday, thats my life now.I know most people cant begin to concieve my situation, they are full of advice but dont seem to understand the reality, even so called professionals have a hard time understanding.
We are both relatively young, I do feel angry at times because my life is on hold and I fear for my future. When my husband dies I must start my life again, I will need to move house, find a new career. I miss my old life, I miss my healthy, active, strong husband, the loss is unbearable at times. I get fed up with people telling me how strong I am, because thats what they see, they dont see the katrina sitting weeping because of what she's lost and will lose. Thats my rant for today.
Hi Katrina, you rant as much as like, we all do when things get on top of us, unfortunatley we are mostly all well versed in the family don't help, and the loneliness stakes, you will find some lovely people on here, some in the same position as you, have a look through roll call and jump in if it suits. Very warm welcome from us.
Welcome Katrina.
It was good to read your post as I can relate to a lot of it. Help me out, don't tell my I'm a saint or an angel! Image I know the feeling Image but luckily you're amongst people who are in the same boat. It's amazing how many people will give you the official, practical talk about what to do and how without dealing with the fact that caring is hard work!
Feel free to browse the forums and just jump in as and when you want to and ask if there's anything you need. Hope to see you around.
Hi Katrina
Welcome to the forum
I hate the You're so strong conversations
If I'm so strong why am I often sat on the bathroom floor sobbing. Image
hi katrina hello and wellcome Image Image
Image Image Image Wow, Thank you everyone for replying.
Do you know that feeling when your the only person in the world?
I felt like that yesterday, so glad there are others like me out there.x