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Working part time

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Can anyone help. I have been offered a part time job. But the hours are flexible so one month I may get £100 and the next £500 but over the tax year it would be under the £110 per week. Can I do this ?

Hi Jill,

Welcome to the forum.

This is complicated, I suggest you contact the helpline

Carers UK Adviceline

You can talk to us five days a week, no matter

Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Advice Line or phone 0808 808 7777

Email advice@carersuk.org

Additionally, hopefully on of the forum members who is ace at knowing just how to ensure that working does not compromise any care-benefits, will also pitch in. He's got it down to a fine art!
Yes, I earn over £10,000 a year and still, quite legitimately, claim carers allowance, but it partly depends on the kind of job you have and how much financial flexibility you have too.
Broadly speaking, the DWP are very good at supporting flexible workers with variable incomes, and willing to take an average over a period of three months or even longer if that's required.
Naturally you can deduct tax and national insurance payments. As I have an occupational pension I pay full 20% tax on earnings, and as I'm under state retirement age, I also pay National Insurance.
You can also claim for work-related expenses: I lease my car on a PCP for three years, so the monthly lease counts as a cost: if I owned the car (even on a bank-loan) this would not apply.
You can also claim for care expenses: I have charged for swimming lessons and paid companions.
And the single biggest help is the pension rule: I save 50% of all my earnings into a People's Pension pot, and half of that is discounted from my earnings.

So, to take this simple situation: (for illustration purposes) very roughly:

Annual statement
£10,000 earnings minus 20% tax and NI = £7500
Deduct Car lease of £3,000 = £4500
Minus 50% of £3750 pension contributions (£1,875) = £2,625

result: Average weekly earnings after deductions are: £50.48p

NB: I haven't claimed here for care costs, but of course they can be included, if incurred and receipted.

This leaves plenty of room to earn quite a bit more: not being a mathematician I have no idea what the absolute theoretical maximum earnings are, but clearly it is a lot more than £10,000 pa.

Obviously you need to adjust according to your circumstances. Have fun!
I've just been playing with my spreadsheet:
Let's say your annual earnings, after tax and National Insurance are £14,000
You save half of that ( £7,000) into a pension pot, and deduct half of those, meaning that the remaining earnings are now £10,500
Take out a PCP car loan (if you need the car for work) of £3,000 a year, leaving £7,500 - or £144.23p per week.
Hire a companion-carer: say for one evening respite: @ £36 a week.
Your earnings are now £108 per week, and you have a very nice pension pot building up for a rainy day, plus £62 a week carers allowance that otherwise you wouldn't have: though you will have to pay 20% tax on it .... (but that is small potatoes compared to the 25% tax benefits on saving into a pension fund).

Of course this is just another example: every situation is different and unique: some people would spend a lot more on companion care and not be able to claim for using a car for work, but you get the general idea.